Magento 2 certified professional front end developer



This test is a 60 question, 90 minute exam. This test can be taken in the quiet, comfort of your home or office—you don’t have to go to a testing center! This test is exclusively scenario-based questions: a stage is set, the question is asked based on that information and answers are provided. This type is not found on any other Magento certification and brings a tremendous improvement to the test-taking experience. Magento U’s information is found here.

Magento provides an abbreviated study guide of general topics (available here).


  • Magento architecture, including Composer.
  • Magento system requirements (Linux, Apache/Nginx, Redis, etc.)
  • Best practices, extending core functionality, plugins, preferences, overrides
  • XML layouts, blocks, layout handles, UI components (ugh)
  • API, creating new endpoints, usage of interfaces, authentication
  • Models, data access, repositories, data searches,.
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Product Description

  • Used by thousands of Magento professionals.
  • 138 pages of in-depth and quality content.
  • Includes 2 months of practice test access.
  • One study guide per reader/user


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